Mediation Services & Fees

Please contact me to set up the mediation. To expedite the process please advise three dates in which all counsel/parties are available and I will make one of the dates available.

Contact Information:

John W. Shaw
Shaw Mediations
23326 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 320  Torrance, CA. 90505
Direct: 424-738-5561
Cell: 310-525-4647
Facsimile: 310-373-4440

Case Manager:

Maria Nixon

Mediation Briefs

Mediation briefs are extremely helpful and appreciated at least 48 hours before the Mediation. I encourage counsel to exchange briefs and persuade opposing counsel of the strength of your case. If you have something that is confidential, send me a separate communique marked “CONFIDENTIAL.” The brief should include updated medical reports/bills, the “Howell” number, any unique legal authority, and the last offer/demand.



Post-Mediation telephone follow-up work

No charge

Administrative or set-up fee

No charge

“Per Party” mark up

No charge

Cancellation fee

No charge

Mediation fees are divided equally between/among the parties unless instructed otherwise.  Payment of fees is due in advance of the scheduled Mediation date.