Please Note:



ZOOM PLATFORM:  The Mediation will be conducted remotely using the Zoom platform  Please download the free Zoom Personal Use Plan software and open a personal account.  If you do not want to open an account then download the “Zoom Client” under the “Resources” tab on home page.  Although Zoom is very “user friendly,” if you have not used Zoom before please familiarize yourself to be able to access and operate the system.  There are tutorials available at or contact Maria Nixon at


DOCUMENT TRANSMISSION AND PRIVACY PROTECTION:  Please submit your Mediation Brief and any documents that you are going to use to and  If you prefer, we can set up a Dropbox platform.


SIGNING OF DOCUMENTS:  I have great optimism that this case will be settled.  When it does settle, counsel will have the opportunity to confirm the terms of the settlement on the form Stipulation for Settlement that is provided with your packet.


SECURE WIFI OR ETHERNET CONNECTION:  It is important that you use a secure WIFI or Ethernet connection.  DO NOT USE a public access WIFI which is not secure.  A strong WIFI connection is recommended to avoid technical difficulties.


PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY:  In order to maintain the confidentiality protections of the Mediation only the parties and counsel are allowed to be in the room used by the participants.  Please make sure that you cannot be overheard.

Please sign and return to me by email the executed Confidentiality Acknowledgement form.

Any recording of the Mediation (audio and/or video) is absolutely prohibited.

BEST PRACTICES TO ENHANCE SETTLEMENT POTENTIAL AND QUALITY USE OF TIME:  Please make sure that you are not interrupted during the Mediation.  Turn off all other electronic devices, alarms, notifications and refrain from “multitasking” or gorging on social media so that we can put the full focus on getting this case settled in an efficient manner.


LOG IN PROTOCOL:  Please log in five minutes before the scheduled Mediation start time so that all technology issues may be resolved.  If you cannot log on, please call me at 310-525-4647.

You will enter the Mediation in the “virtual waiting room” until all parties have logged on.  You will be admitted to your private, secure Breakout Room:  the other side cannot see or hear you in the Breakout Room.  Before I “enter” your Breakout Room, I will send a text to counsel and ask permission.  Please provide me with the number of your mobile device.

If during the Mediation you want to have a private conversation with me outside the presence of your client, we can do so via cell phone or I can put you in a separate Breakout Room.


TECHNOLOGY FAILURE PROTOCOL:  If your connection is lost, please attempt to log in again.  If you are unable to log back in, call me on the cell 310-525-4647.  Despite the best plans, technology has the potential to fail and issues cannot be resolved in a reasonable time.  If that be the case, the Mediation will be discontinued and reset as soon as possible.  You can always continue via telephone.

The Breakout Rooms are secure and the other side cannot see or hear what is taking place.  In the unlikely event that the Zoom platform fails and that you can see/hear what is going on in a secure Breakout Room, you agree to immediately disconnect the Zoom connection and call me on my cell at 310-525-4647.